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import xml.dom.minidom as xml
import math


def DbToFloat(f):
      ''' Converts f from the decibel scale to a 0..1 float
      return pow(10., f / 20.)


def StoreParametersToXML(self, doc, parent, parameters):
      '''Saves a list of variable names (parameters)
         in an XML document (doc) with the parent XML tag (parent)
      for i in parameters:
            node = doc.createElement(i)
            if type(getattr(self, i)) == int:
                  node.setAttribute("type", "int")
            elif type(getattr(self, i)) == float:
                  node.setAttribute("type", "float")
            elif type(getattr(self, i)) == bool:
                  node.setAttribute("type", "bool")
                  node.setAttribute("type", "str")
            node.setAttribute("value", str(getattr(self, i)))


def LoadParametersFromXML(self, parentElement):
      for n in parentElement.childNodes:
            if n.nodeType == xml.Node.ELEMENT_NODE:
                  if n.getAttribute("type") == "int":
                        setattr(self, n.tagName, int(n.getAttribute("value")))
                  elif n.getAttribute("type") == "float":
                        setattr(self, n.tagName, float(n.getAttribute("value")))
                  elif n.getAttribute("type") == "bool":
                        value = (n.getAttribute("value") == "True")
                        setattr(self, n.tagName, value)
                        setattr(self, n.tagName, n.getAttribute("value"))


def floatRange(start, end=None, inc=None):
      """A range function, that does accept float increments..."""

      if end == None:
            end = start + 0.0
            start = 0.0
            start += 0.0 # force it to be a float

      if inc == None:
            inc = 1.0
      count = int(math.ceil((end - start) / inc))

      L = [None,] * count

      L[0] = start
      for i in xrange(1,count):
            L[i] = L[i-1] + inc
      return L


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