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def InstrumentConnectionsDialog::InstrumentConnectionsDialog::OnSelected (   self,

Set the instrument's input

Definition at line 108 of file InstrumentConnectionsDialog.py.

00108                                          :
            '''Set the instrument's input'''
            device = self.AlsaID[widget.get_active()]
            mixertracks = self.mixers[device]
            for track in mixertracks:
                  if track.label == widget.get_active_text():
                        inTrack = track.label
            print inTrack
            if device != instr.input or inTrack != instr.inTrack:
                  instr.input = device
                  instr.inTrack = inTrack
                  self.project.unsavedChanges = True
                  self.project.unsavedChanges = True

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