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def Project::Project::play (   self,
  movePlayhead = True 

Set all instruments playing

Definition at line 322 of file Project.py.

00322                                          :
            '''Set all instruments playing'''
            if len(self.instruments) > 0:
                  gst.debug("Play pressed, about to set state to PLAYING")
                  # And set it going
                  self.state_id = self.bus.connect("message::state-changed", self.state_changed, movePlayhead)
                  #set to PAUSED so the transport manager can seek first (if needed)
                  #the pipeline will be set to PLAY by self.state_changed()
                  gst.debug("just set state to PLAYING")

                  # [DEBUG]
                  # This debug block will be removed when we release. If you see this in a release version, we
                  # obviously suck. Please email us and tell us about how shit we are.
                        if os.environ['JOKOSHER_DEBUG']:
                              print "Play Pipeline:"
                  # [/DEBUG]


      def bus_message(self, bus, message):

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